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3D CAD Assembly File (From Scratch)

$750 per file

3D CAD Component

$50 per file

3D CAD Assembly File (Edit to Existing File)

$500 per file

2D CAD Drawing


Terms of service are as follows:

1. We are not a 3D Printing/Machine shop. We are a CAD Design firm. Everything we do is 100% digital. No pen and paper design work is done on our part, with the exception of sketching out guides for us to follow. Please keep that in mind. 

2.  If we have a representative giving you issues, we request you to let us know. We do not want to cause you any issues. Customer service is our primary priority. 

3. Any services rendered are non-refundable. When we put in the time, we never waste it. Period. You are getting the best design services on the globe for a percent of the usual cost of standard services, so no need to complain about cost.

4. Please note that after every five revisions, a $50 fee will be incurred. Not to worry though because we typically get it correct on the first try.

5. Our accepted customers are corporate manufacturers in the United States only. The only exception is if it is an international manufacturer with a facility located in the United States.


Thank you.


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